Objectives and Activities - Asian Tour


Asian Tour’s Objectives

  • Build a sound commercial platform to encourage commercial partners to build long-term relationships with the Asian Tour
  • Re-invest surplus funds back into the Asian Tour to help build a stronger and more successful Tour that benefits it’s members and partners
  • Increase the number of tournaments and prize money for members
  • Develop and promote the sport of golf throughout Asia
  • Establish mutually beneficial working relationships with its fellow members of the International Federation of PGA Tours and all other golf associations; at all times acting in the best interests of the development of the game.

Asian Tour’s Activities

  • Manage and control the Asian Tour’s schedule of tournaments
  • Develop new tournaments for the enhancement and growth of the Asian Tour
  • Develop and manage a fully integrated Asian Tour commercial programme
  • Secure sound partner agreements with tournament promoters
  • Provide quality servicing to all commercial partners of the Asian Tour
  • Develop and manage Asian Tour related business and marketing activities including sponsorship, licensing, merchandising; image exploitation, television production and distribution, radio, photography, internet
  • Provide professional technical administration to all Asian Tour tournaments
  • Support promoters and sponsors in the organisation and staging of events
  • Own and operate its own events